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Texas Premier Cable & Telecommunications Installation & Service Company



Founded in 2005, DCOMM is Texas' premier cable installation and service company. DCOMM provides a full range of services to the cable and cable products industry.

DCOMM is where you come to get great service.
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Careers with DCOMM

At DCOMM, the key to success is being good at what you do. That strategy can be seen in every part of the company’s organization, support and front line performance. DCOMM’s team of professionals supply the training and mentoring needed for you to be successful. DCOMM is where you come to have a challenging, yet rewarding work experience.
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Partner Opportunities

Sound management strategies allow the company to grow and continue to be proficient over time and multiple locations. DCOMM is always looking for new opportunities to expand or develop new relationships in new markets.  Call us to discuss how we can help each other.
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DCOMM is where you come to have a challenging, yet rewarding work experience


DCOMM DALLAS EAST (Rowlett): 469 626-1365
DCOMM DALLAS WEST (Dallas): 214-272-3283
DCOMM WACO: 254-300-4641
DCOMM KILLEEN: 254-432-8034
DCOMM AUSTIN: 877-809-8777
DCOMM BUDA: 512-523-9161
DCOMM SAN ANTONIO: 254-432-8034