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Founded in 2005, DCOMM is Texas' premier cable installation and service company. DCOMM provides a full range of services to the cable and cable products industry.

Sub Contractors

DCOMM currently operates in most cable markets in Texas and if you have a team of documented, trained cable-installation or bury-drop technicians, here's an opportunity to do some business! You provide the recruitment, training and insurance - DCOMM provides administration support, leadership, management and quality control. Teams that have five or more members will be considered for sub-contractor opportunities.
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Depending on the cable market, the team members may need to become DCOMM employees and be on DCOMM’s payroll.

Joint Ventures

Okay, so you have a start in the cable business. You have some techs and you have a contract. Things are going pretty well. You are making money, but times could be better. A lot better. DCOMM has the background, resources, talent, contacts and skills necessary to help your company grow to the next level and beyond. DCOMM has experience in large and small markets and a variety of cable companies.
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DCOMM is always looking for new opportunities to expand or develop new relationships in new markets. Call us at 512-997-9777 to discuss how we can help each other.


DCOMM is where you come to have a challenging, yet rewarding work experience


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